Barc For Pets launched in December 2016,
offering services in Dog Minding.

Through spending time with different breeds and different dogs personalities, Rebecca and Marc decided that spending their days with the dogs was an amazing career option and both made the plunge from their corporate positions, without any regrets. Through their love and passion, the decision to expand their services to offer dog walking and soon after house sitting came to be.

Over the proceeding few years, Barc For Pets has expanded their services to include:

Late 2017 saw the launch of an online shop, offering a range of hand selected products from local brands and designers that are available to buy. The products selected are natural, ethically sourced and hand made, showcasing the latest style and trends of the modern pampered Pooch. Everything from dog treats to collars, accessories and grooming products, are available to enhance your dogs wellbeing.

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Barc For Pets is at the forefront of creating a dog lifestyle brand. Offering services and products that tick all the right boxes for humans and their furry friends.


Growing up on a farm in Australia, Rebecca’s love for animals started as a young girl. As a vegetarian for the majority of her life and now as a passionate advocate for animal rights Rebecca is an extremely dedicated pet caring professional.

In the later half of 2020 Rebecca will be graduating with a double degree in a Bachelor of Law + Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Animal and Environmental law.


Originally from the tropics of Mauritius, Marc shares the same passion and enthusiasm for animals as Rebecca. From a young age Marc has extensive experience with many breeds of dogs, to working with rescue dogs + fostering dogs in need.

Marc is particularly specialised in working with bigger dog breeds and enjoys to maintain the exercise routines of all dogs in their care.