What’s being said about barc..




Ziggy our much loved husky had a wonderful stay at Barc dog Minding, Bec and her partner treated Zig like a member of their family, allowing him to sleep next them, taking him for long walks at the beach, a huge thank you to you both for allowing us to go away knowing our much love pupper was happy, I highly recommend Barc Dog Minding and we will definitely be back!

Dyanna Hunt.



Our 13 year old cocker spaniel; Boo adores his time with Bec and Marc. They treat him like one of the family with lots of love, attention and activity. He races up to them each time without a glance back - not bad for a dog that suffers separation anxiety! They are wonderful with him and we would be lost without them.

Annie + Graeme Hudson.


Pippin and co.

Such a loving family! Our 4 toy poodles were part of Bec's family for 5 days and we couldn't have asked for a better place. They were pampered and loved so much and even our rescue Pippin, who is a rather grumpy old man, was trusting and happy. We recieved regular updates and photos posted so we could follow their day. Thank you so much guys for looking after our babies.

Sumara Hannam.



It is pretty easy to get sucked in with their cuteness all over our Instagram Page and to be honest.. WE LOVE IT! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these gorgeous furry animals all day long?